Company goal

As an abbreviation forConstruction & People

We are a consulting company specializing in providing satisfaction and impression to people through construction.
The corporate goal is to provide people with convenient transportation, safe energy, and comfortable living space

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Empowering Korean Developersin Vietnam’s Real Estate

Although we have close to 30 years of diplomatic ties with Vietnam and Korea, we do not deplore that Korean real estate developers and construction companies have difficulties in achieving proper profits, and that related licenses and permits, appropriate response and risk management are not implemented

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Trading business relatedto golf driving ranges

Based on know-how from design, construction, and operation, we are focusing on exporting automatic tee-up devices, golf clothes, bags, shoes, etc. in connection with a self-developed production plant.
It is applied to local golf driving ranges in Vietnam, and sales for export to Korea and Japan are also in progress.

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