About Us

Company goal

As an abbreviation for Construction & People, we are a consulting company specializing in providing satisfaction and impression to people through construction.
The corporate goal is to provide people with convenient transportation, safe energy, and comfortable living space


Transforming Korean Real Estate in Vietnam

Although we have close to 30 years of diplomatic ties with Vietnam and Korea, we do not deplore that Korean real estate developers and construction companies have difficulties in achieving proper profits, and that related licenses and permits, appropriate response and risk management are not implemented. I couldn't help but set up a company to correct this.

Maximizing Localization Through Active Work

Looking at our limited history and performance, we may not think that it will be possible to do this, but we can expect an active work role as a way to maximize the localization that has been cultivated by each individual. By arranging and advising customers by step-by-step tasks that meet the expectations of customers, as well as performing an active work method that finds risk solutions,

Customer-Focused Real Estate Solutions

We will do our best to increase customer satisfaction. And, as a reliable investment partner, we will do our best to provide the best possible satisfaction to our customers through providing optimal real estate investment solutions and objective and transparent business management.

Efficient Import-Export Service

And we will engage in import and export of construction materials, sports facilities and related products in order to pursue better service.

Future leading Developer

New town Development
Large-scale SOC priject
Future Energy business